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Spurs stops

Gregg Popovich
FIBA Assist, issue 5

Two teams. Team O attacks team X, goes on defence with a score (no points), defence goes on offence. If the defence makes a defensive rebound it gets a point and can fast break to score and get another point. The same five players remain on defence even if they don't score on the fast break. Play to 10. One player on the losing team has to shoot and make two free throws, or his team runs.

- the defence gets a point for any stop, and can fast break on a defensive rebound or steal
- defence must stop then score to get a point
- defence must stop-score-stop (3 trips)
- three teams, the team that is off always come in on offence
- start (and re-start) play with the offence inbounding in their frontcourt (baseline or sideline)
- the offence inbounds from their backcourt against fullcourt pressure
- the defence takes 1 or 2 free throws (or a 1-and-1), presses if the last is made.


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