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Kirby Schepp
Basketball Manitoba

Two teams, 5 possessions each, flip.

a) 2 on 1

Coach passes to 2 or 1, X1 turns and sprints, calls "basket". Attackers have 7 seconds to score on the first shot or a tip-in.

1-2-X1 go off, repeat with new players (go one way, not up and back).

See Transition - Florida build-up, Serbia.

b) 3 on 2

One defender has basket (he can't leave the basket and give up a layup), the other slows down the ball ("ball").

In a game, don't foul or give up layups or open 3s.

c) 4 on 3

4 attackers and one defender are on the baseline. X1 and X2 call "ball" and "basket", X3 has "next", i.e. takes first pass by the ballhandler.

d) 5 on 5

Four defenders match up with attackers on the baseline, one defender on the baseline is matched up with an attacker on the foul line. Coach passes to any attacker and calls the name of a defender who has to touch the baseline before defending (here X1).

Defenders need to have basket (here X3), ball (X4) and next, otherwise the attacker starting from the foul line will be open every time.

Showing big to the ball is really important in transition, take away passes through the lane.

See Transition - 4 on 4 recover, 5 on 4, Oakland 5 on 4 and 5 on 3.up

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