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Bill Self ballscreens

Bill Self

2 on 2 ballscreens, one dribbler goes back and forth, his partner ballscreens. Early in the practice season, hedge and go over the top (over the screen and xscreener). Pressure the ball, force the dribbler into the screen, xscreener jumps straight out (not wide) to show strong help, never loses contact with his man, gets the dribbler to run into him for a charge, change direction, or pick up his dribble. The xdribbler gets small when he hits the screen.
(X1 and X4 alternate defensive roles if switching on the screens. To alternate roles if not switching, 1 can come off the screen, pass to 4 and follow to ballscreen, then 4 does the same)

Tom Izzo 2 on 2 ballscreens

a) jam it - X4 squeezes 4, X1 goes under both (1 is not a good shooter, 4 is a great player)
b) up and over - X4 steps straight up then back, X1 goes under him but over the screen
c) up and under - X4 goes up but maintains contact, X1 goes under the screen (1 is a good shooter but not a handler, he won't turn the corner)
d) trap (they want to get the ball out of 1's hands, stay with him, work to get back on the pass out)
e) feather - X4 soft hedges sideways, X1 goes over the screen, X4 pulls him through then gets back to 4 (worried about 1 turning the corner, also about pick and pop)
f) turn down (black) - 4 can't shoot, X1 doesn't let 1 get to the screen, X4 (a shot-blocker) drops down.

Go four times each.

Progression - 4 on 4

All defenders jump in the direction of the ballscreen to discourage the driver and a pass to the roll man.

From a shell, also work on

a) Diving on the post - on a pass into the low post, a ballside top defender will dive with his back to the opposite sideline, a ballside low defender will dive with his back to the baseline.

b) Rotation on baseline penetration - the weakside defender three passes away comes across to stop penetration outside the lane, the top defender closest to weakside rotates back to take away a habit pass to a weakside post at the baseline (get inside not behind him), defenders recover to their own on a pass out, but the top defender bluffs at the ball to buy time for his teammate to get back to his man.

c) Off-ball screens, see Bill Self 4 on 4 in the lane.

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