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11-man fast break

11 players (or more), not in teams.
See Transition - Vance Walberg scramble, Calipari 32.

1-2-3 attack 4-5, X1, X2, X3 and X4 are at sideline outlet positions (foul line extended). 6 and 7 are the next defenders.

On a shot (make or miss), 1-2-3-4-5 contest for the ball. Whoever gets it on a rebound or a stop (here 4) outlets to X1 or X2 and attacks 6 and 7 with them (one shot only, no offensive rebounds). Two of the remaining four players at that end go to the outlet lines, the other two stay to defend the next attack (optionally up near midcourt until the attack, or first touch the centre circle).


- play to a stop or score, whoever gets the ball attacks the other way
- play to a stop or score, whichever defender gets the ball attacks
- with 10 players, at one end there is only one outlet, both defenders attack the other way after a stop or score (or one shot with no offensive rebounding).

Basketball PEI Coaching Notes - no dribbling until you have a driving lane, score the drill by having forwards and guards compete for total rebounds.

Ian MacKinnon - individual scores, +1 for a basket, assist, or rebound (make or miss), -1 for a turnover.

Doug Porter - individual scores with points for steals, rebounds and assists. A rebounder can decide to outlet the ball or blast out with the dribble. You can allow defenders to knock the ball away from a rebounder if he is not secure with the ball.up

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