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Curl drill

2 runs up from the baseline, curls for a pass from 1 (jump stop or inside pivot), shoots, rebounds, and goes with the ball to the other line.

After passing to 2, 1 curls for pass from 4, shoots, rebounds, and switches lines with the ball. 4 is the next shooter, off a pass from 3.


- shot fake, shot
- jab step, shot
- one-dribble pull-ups left, right
- step-backs.

See George Karl (Gooroo) - Rainbow shooting.

Barry Brodzinski - always show your hands, step to the ball. Start with layups, get to the basket with no or one dribble, move back to 15-foot shots (behind the foul line), for 3-point shots, come wide, show your outside hand.

Frank Alloco - Box shooting - six players at each basket (two balls), keep score, use an inside pivot,
- shot
- shot fake (below your nose), shot
- dribble-ins - shot fake, turn sideways (front pivot, back where you came from), one-dribble pull-up (1-2 footwork)
- dribble-outs - shot fake, step out (keep going), one-dribble pull-up (three-step footwork), passers have to run inside to avoid collisions.

Kevin Bellamy - one team at each basket, first team to make 10 in a row from the blocks (inside foot pivot), then 5 in a row from the elbows.

Ian MacKinnon - use both baskets, 2-3 balls, start with block-to-block bank shots, then mid-lane, 15 feet, and 3-pointers.

See Shooting - Fill cuts, Catch and shoot, Tauer triple threat, Nate James.

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