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Pistons innings

Flip Saunders

4 on 4 from a 3-out, 1-in set. Perimeter attackers cannot dribble or move, and can shoot only on a pass from the low-post attacker, who can move block to block and score at any time. Normal scoring for the attackers (shots are 2 or 3 points).

Defenders do not deny passes around the perimeter, and get a point each time they trap the low post.

Each team gets one possession per "inning", play six innings.

Post trap situations

a) 1X - the guy on the ball traps (here it would be X3)
b) 2X - the second guy off the ball traps (85% of the time a defender at the elbow)
c) 3X - the third guy away from the ball traps, e,g, Kevin Garnett, more of a designated trap.

Here on a 2X trap, X1 sprints from the elbow to the top leg of post defender X5, hands up, and locks his leg, X5 takes away baseline, don't let 5 see the weakside. X3 denies a return pass to 3.

The player who goes to trap always rotates out. X2 takes first pass to 2 or 1, on a pass to 2 everyone chases back to their own (on a pass from 5 to 1, X1 would take 2).
Ian MacKinnon - 3 on 3, live on a post entry, which the defence does not have to allow.

(5-on-5 post traps)

Zone any trap, in 5-on-5 the other two defenders from an i. On a pass from 5 to 3, 2 or 4, everyone chases back to their own, on a pass to 1, shown, the top of the i takes the pass, the bottom of the i has the next weakside attacker, and trapper X1 takes the weakside corner. The top of the i tries to steal a pass.

See Defence - Post double-teams.

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