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Stop and break

Ernie Woods

During offensive halfcourt work, the defence can fast break 5 on 5 on a turnover or missed shot.

FIBA stay on a make - stay at the same end if the offence scores, they keep the ball. If the defence gets a defensive rebound or a steal they push the ball to the other end looking to score. (The defence gets halfcourt possession whether they score or get stopped. A team that scores in the halfcourt keeps possession.)
Pistons scrimmages - go up and down until one team scores.
Dean Smith - anytime they work halfcourt, regardless of emphasis on defence or offence, the defence always breaks when the offence misses a shot.

Kelbick defensive challenge - the offence keeps the ball on any dead ball.
Ettore Messina - the team always runs a fast break when they get a stop, even in 2-on-2 defensive drills.
Chris Oliver - start play with a halfcourt inbounds or set play, if the offence scores they keep the ball in the halfcourt, otherwise play fullcourt until there is a score, that team gets the ball in the halfcourt. If coach calls "turnover" (bad offence), put the ball down and get back.

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