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Florida 3-line 2-ball

Billy Donovan, Larry Shyatt

1 passes to 3, gets a pass from 2 and returns it, gets a pass from 3 and returns it, continue fullcourt. No travelling. 2 and 3 dribble with the outside hand, 1 does not dribble. Catch and pass with two hands, lead the receiver, holler his name.

Larry Shyatt - the wings run out of bounds.
See Florida 4-line passing.

Repeat coming back. The next group has balls.
Mike Jones - on a mistake the three players go off with their ball, hustle back, do 10 push-ups, the drill keeps going, coach has two extra balls just in case.
Bill Pangos - Three-line passing - one-way only, the next group goes when the first group gets to halfcourt, change positions at the other end.

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