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Fast break
Tennessee point-guard push

Bruce Pearl

1 dribbles fullcourt, wings 2 and 3 sprint wide, cut in at the foul-line extended. 1 bounce passes to 2 (or 3) for a layup, the shooter keeps going, the other wing rebounds, 1 follows his pass to the outlet position.

Frankston Blues - 2 can pass back to 1 or across to 3.

3 outlets to 1 who dribbles middle then bounce passes to 3.
See Passing - Tennessee 3-man.

George Karl and Doug Moe

The wings must stay as close as possible to the sidelines and can't start to run until the point guard gets the ball and starts the dribble. 3 tosses the ball off the backboard and outlets to 1, players can cut at the foul-line extended, give and go, or try any other variation so long as they maintain proper spacing.

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