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Dematha 4-corner jumpers

Mike Jones

Three balls in opposite corners, passers in the other corners.

1 and 4 speed dribble upcourt, pass to the corners, get return passes and shoot (use cones or chairs to mark the shooting spots), the passers rebound and go to the shooting lines, the shooters go to the passing lines.

2 and 5 go next, give the player ahead of you a head-start.

Theren Bullock - two balls in each corner, instead of a speed dribble, make 3-4 change of direction moves before passing to the corner, 2 goes when 1 crosses halfcourt.

See Passing - Duke, Layups - Carolina, Shooting - Florida dribble-pass-shoot.
- inside-out or hesitation dribble
- use coaches as passers
- passers are foul-line extended
- passers blast cut from the corners
- layups
- use cones in the backcourt
- the dribbler stops in the drop zone, the corner player backcuts or kicks up for a pass and shot, the dribbler goes to the corner.

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