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Blast cuts

Aaron Blakely

2 bounces off the baseline for a pass from 1, sweeps baseline (outside pivot foot), attacks the basket for a layup. Rotate passer to shooter, shooter to passing line.

1 is the next shooter.

- sweep baseline, attack middle (crossover step)
- sweep and attack baseline, secondary move middle,
- sweep, attack middle, secondary move baseline
- backdoor cut.

- blast cut from the corners (to speed up the drill, put two players in each corner)
- one-hand pass off the dribble
- use both sides of the floor, alternate shots or finish off two feet
- coach is the passer
- spin self passes from the corners (no passers)
- pull-up jump shots
- floaters, stepbacks
- inside pivot foot
- permanent pivot foot
- crossover step.
Ian MacKinnon - 3 dribbles from halfcourt with a primary-secondary move, 1 lifts from the corner for a pass, progressions
- baseline layup, middle layup, baseline pullup, middle pullup
- 1 passes to 3 filling behind for a shot and rebounds, 3 is the next cutter.
University of Virginia - perimeter rip drill - use a chair or defender on the wing, spin a pass from the corner or have a passer out top, progressions
- rip baseline (crossover step), straight-line drive
- rip baseline, pull-up
- rip baseline, 2nd move (middle), finish
- rip baseline, 2nd move, pull-up
- double rip (jab baseline, crossover), straight-line drive middle
- double rip, pull-up middle
- double rip, 2nd move, finish
- double rip, 2nd move, pull-up
- live dribble from the wing.
For crossover footwork, hop pivot to catch facing the basket, or catch and go without stopping, see Footwork - Pasquali pivoting, Dribble starts, Layups - Cross the lane, Shooting - Borg, Blasone, Flare-wing, also Beat the closeout (to attack a closeout, land with split feet).
Coach Nick - on a backdoor cut, walk towards the ball, lift up the inside foot, swivel your hips into a sprinter's stance (split stance), nose behinds toes, take off. See Shooting - Beat the closeout.

1 on 1

Live, no restrictions, read the defender (here 1 backcuts when denied), rotate passer to attacker to defender.
Dean Smith - Explode to basket drill - groups of three players each (use both sides of both baskets), 3 fakes a crosscourt pass, hits 1 coming toward the ball, 1 drives on his defender, rotate positions after each play.

See 1 on 1 - On close-out, Coach as passer, Dave Malowski (no passer needed), Defending - Duke driving line.up

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