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Jr. NBA finishing

Jr. NBA (YouTube)

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See Jr. NBA - Finishing.

a) Euro-step

Right-hand drive from the wing, step wide right (lateral step) then left (cones show where to step), finish with the right-hand high off the glass. Coach acts as a defender.

See Layups - Euro-step.

i) Jump through the hips and finish (Pro hop)

Drive with the outside hand, use a hard last dribble, jump off two feet, turn your hips and shoulders to protect the ball, land on two feet facing the far sideline, finish with the right hand (e.g. jump hook). Jump as far as you can, try to get to a cone in the middle of the lane.

Progressions - take the ball high overhead, or behind the back.

(Variation - drive middle from the wing, pro hop to land facing the baseline)

See Dribbling - KP Series.

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