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1 on 1 toughness


Up to 8 pairs around the perimeter, go for 30-second intervals then switch, defenders should be up fouling the attackers, make teammates better. Attackers rip and pivot to protect the ball.

Coach wanders through the lane, calling names of attackers, who make a direct pass that is not deflected or intercepted, coach passes back, continue. Can use sit-ups or other punishment at the end of the drill.

- pass fake then pass
- switch with partner after passing.

In their offence, attackers should catch, rip and square up every time if they are not shooting or attacking right off the catch. Rip below the knees and above the head, elbows out, never through the middle.

If you take a step back against a good defender, he will crowd up and you never get the space back. By stepping thru (ball below the knees and above the head), you are not giving up that space.

See Footwork - Ball tough, 1 on 1 pivot, Static pivoting, Press break - Hofstra pivot.up

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