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Auriemma backdoor

Geno Auriemma

Two lines of guards, one line of bigs.

From inside the circle, 1 dribbles left (like he wants to play on that side), changes direction fast, looks at 2, 5 flashes above the elbow, 1 makes a right-hand bounce to 5, 2 goes backdoor, 1 cuts looking a for handback (he runs right at 5 then cuts whichever way his defender isn't looking, don't get too close to 5), 5 makes a left-hand bounce pass to 2 for a layup.

5 rebounds and inbounds, 2 posts at the elbow for the inbounds pass, 2 and 1 change lines.

6, 3 and 4 go next, alternate finishes, this time 4 fakes a backdoor pass to 3 and 6 gets a handback from 4 for a layup, shot, or pull-up.

Continue, change sides.
This is a big part of beating pressure.

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