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One team at each end, three balls per team. Each player shoots, rebounds, passes to the other line and follows his pass, start where there are two balls. First team to 19 wins.

All passes are "shooting passes", and all receivers are ready to shoot - square to the basket, hands up and knees bent - for a one-piece shot.

Options - shoot from a corner and opposite wing, both corners, both wings, both elbows, or both high elbows (slots or guard spots).

See Shooting - 5-spot 5-minute, and Nash 20-minute workout for other shot options, e.g. bank shots.

Variation - first team to 40 total makes, make 10 from the corners, 10 from the wings, 10 from the elbows, then 10 3-point shots from the high elbows (slots).

Mario Blasone - each game is to 21, shoot both baselines, both wings, both guard positions (above the elbows), then three-point shots from a corner and out top. Progressions - the passer closes out to bother the shooter, then touches or hits the shooter (dirty defence).

Shane Froling (Australia) - AIS shooting - at least 5 players with 3 balls, make 20 combined from the baseline, from 45 degrees on each side, and from the elbows, then start again on the baseline, go for 5 minutes.

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