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Tom Crean 3-12

Tom Cream
Three teams, three players play 1-on-2, players 1-2-3 are on the elbows and foul line, teammates are behind the arc, coach on the baseline plays a loose ball (e.g. bounces or rolls it on the floor), tosses it in the air, passes it to coach out top for a shot, or passes to one player who can drive. 1-2-3 play until one player scores or gets fouled for one point, he goes to the back of his line and is replaced, re-set (the other two players stay on until they score or get fouled). If the ball goes out of bounds or to the perimeter, players kick it to coach out top for a shot, rebound a make or miss. Play to 7 points off the elbows, to 5 off the mid posts, and to 3 off the blocks.
(Variation - replace all three players each time)

See Rebounding - Battle, In the paint, 3-team 1 on 1 on 1, 5star toughness, Post play - Hanlen (war rebounding).

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