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Lemanis 3 on 3

Andrej Lemanis
FIBA (YouTube)

See YouTube video - Defensive transition.

Two teams, 3 on 3 continuous, extra players on each team are out of bounds, foul-line extended and under the baskets.

1-2-3 attack X1-X2-X3, play to a stop or score.

Variation - 2 on 2 continuous (e.g., only 8 players), with no players under the baskets, see Transition - DeMatha 2 on 2, 2 on 2 on 2.

1-2-3 get back on defence, the next attackers are X4-X5-X6, who get the ball from X1-X2-X3 (an outlet pass, or inbound on a make). The player who gets the pass (usually the player on the baseline) has to be inside the 3-point line, the other two players can sprint out.

X1-X2-X3 go off (sidelines, baseline).

The most important thing in defensive transition is stopping the ball, the closest player does that, calling "ball". Slow it down, keep it in front of you, get it to a sideline. The second most important thing is cover the basket (ball, basket), one player should sprint back on the shot (the captain's spot, you can see the whole floor in front of you), can't give up layups.

On a stop or score, X4-X5-X6 will get back on defence, 4-5-6 are the next attackers, getting the ball from 1-2-3, who then go off.
Ettore Messina - outlet on a make or miss.

See Transition - 3 on 3 fullcourt, Lemanis 1-on-1 2-on-2.up

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