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5-spot series

TJ Jones

A shooting work-out with a partner or coach.

1) Shots off a pass

Start under the basket, sprint around the first spot with a right-shoulder turn for a pass, shoot, run under the basket, repeat at the other four spots.
Mike Neighbors - 5-spot shooting - touch the middle of the lane between spots.


- make a putback after a miss, or after every shot
- go back to the same spot on a miss
- the shooter rebounds
- back-pedal around each cone
- one-dribble pull-ups.

See Shooting - 5star pairs spot, Triano 7-spot workout, Nate James, Backpedal Dipablo, Eastman four chairs.

Continue with 5 shots using left-shoulder turns, running under the basket after each shot.

(Spin self passes for a solo work-out, see Shooting - 5star circus, also Spot and Nash 3-spot)

2) Layups

a) Off a pass

From under the basket, sprint out to each spot, cut backdoor for a layup.

Variations - one-foot or two-foot finish, floater, weak-hand finish.

See Layups - Memphis flat-angle, Passing - Kevin O'Neill two shots, Shooting - Kevin O'Neill pairs finishing, Triano 7-spot workout.

b) Off the dribble

From under the basket, dribble to each spot and back to the basket for a finish at the rim.


- dribble with the same hand all the way through
- make a behind the back dribble at each spot.

Tim Springer - pound dribble 10 times, dribble out and around a cone, finish with a layup (angles are glass, front of rim, reverse layup), repeat for 7 makes, use cones at multiple spots. Progressions
- finish with a floater, spin, step-through
- make a change of direction going away from the basket.

See Layups - Speed, YouTube drills (Loop, Weak-hand), Shooting - Triano 7-spot workout, Behind-the-back pull-ups.

3) Shots off the dribble

Dribble out to each spot and shoot a pull-up jump shot, dribble with the same hand through-out the drill.

Derek Kellogg - dribble around a cone and shoot, inside pivot foot.
- 5 right-shoulder then 5 left-shoulder turns
- catch behind each cone into a one-dribble pull-up.

See Shooting - 5star triangle. 6-spot shoot-out, Triano 7-spot workout (super 7's, 4-spot), Sackmann pull-ups,  Layups - Speed.up

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