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Fast break
Enfield 5 on 0

Andy Enfield

Fullcourt 5 on 0 trips, a warm-up and conditioning drill. To play an up-tempo style, you have to practice fast, practice spacing, and practice skill development.

Wings 2 and 3 are interchangeable, they run all the way to the corners if they can't get the ball, then come back. Don't cross the wings, spacing is poor, they get caught up in the lane. 5 runs to the basket every time, even if he gets the rebound. If 4 is the first big, he runs for a layup then to one side or the other on the baseline, inside 17-18 feet if he is not a 3-point shooter. 1 crosses sides of the floor as he comes across halfcourt.

a) Five trips

Make five trips in 30 seconds, each player takes a layup.

4 lays it in, gets one foot out of bounds, inbounds to 1, is always the rebounder (inbound on a make), 1 advance passes the ball (on his turn, he gets it back for a layup).

Here 3 takes the layup.

Here 1 advance passes to 2 and gets it back.

Make three more trips.

See Fast break - Florida five cycles, Tennessee 4 on 0, 5 on 0.

b) Four trips, with ballscreen

Four trips, 5 sets a ballscreen for 1 through 4, who come off the screen and lob to 5 rolling to the basket (get there in three steps, he can front or reverse pivot).

Here 1 advances the ball to 2, 5 picks and rolls for the lob pass.

Progression - make a bounce pass to 5 on the roll.

In the video, 1 pushes the ball on the dribble for his ballscreen, and for 4's ballscreen, shown (instead of an advance pass).up

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