Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


Matt Woodley

a) Circle

Two teams, players alternate spots in a circle, jog in one direction, coach bounce passes to any player, that team fast breaks to the other basket.

The team on defence turns and sprints back, build a wall guarding the ball.

Everybody turns and runs, get all 5 guys below the ball, the first 3 steps are the most important. Sprint back to the paint then turn around with great awareness, build help. The first post guards the rim.

Don't pick up the ball too early, a guard stops the ball maybe around the 3-point line. The days of having a guy try to stop the ball at halfcourt are gone in his opinion. The second post loads to the ball, helps get it under control. The rest of the guys build a wall.

No clean looks on the first two passes. Sometimes you have to guard the closest guy, uncontested shots get you beat, mismatches rarely do.

See Fast break - Circle break.

b) Florida

Players alternate spots in a tight horizontal line, and can't talk until coach passes. Coach headmans the ball to another coach at the other end and calls out the team on offence (here team X), both teams sprint, offence gets a pass.

c) 5 on 5 recover

5 attackers on the baseline, defenders on the foul-line extended, don't always line up across from a guy you would defend in a game. When coach passes to an attacker, it's live, the defender opposite has to touch the baseline.

See Transition - 4 on 4 recover, Schepp (5 on 5), Oakland 5 on 4 and 5 on 3.

d) Turnover

4 on 4, attackers pass the ball, when coach calls "turnover" they put it down and sprint back to defend, the other team picks up the ball and attacks fullcourt.

The closest 1 or 2 guys sprint to the top of the no-charge circle and protect the basket (if one defender, don't go up and challenge a 2-on-1), when everybody gets back, match up.

See Defending - Woodley 4 on 4 (Change), Hurley 5 on 5 command, Scrimmage - Whistle, also Transition - 5 on 5 defensive transition.up

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