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Fast break
Circle break

5 on 5. Coach shoots a free throw while both teams are jogging around the circle in alternate order. The team that gets the rebound fast breaks, the other team defends (they can jam the rebounder). Play to a stop or score up and back, or play to a dead ball.


- both teams are in the lane to start play
- coach makes a layup, calls out which team will inbound (see Pressing - Florida 5 on 5).

Paul Hewitt - go up and back, then repeat.

Tubby Smith - coach is outside the circle, he tosses the ball to one player, that team attacks the other basket, or coach calls out which team is on attack, tosses the ball to a player on that team.
Pat Summitt - coach is outside the circle, tosses the ball to any player, or on the floor.
Larry Shyatt - coach shoots from outside the circle, calls out a colour, that team is on offence on a make, either team can rebound a miss and fast break.

Tony House - 5 on 5 circle the wagons - halfcourt, coach shoots and misses, every miss is an offensive rebound, no baseline out of bounds.

Here team O rebounds and breaks.
See Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 5.

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