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Fast break
Tar heels 3 on 0

Roy Williams

Start of practice every day, for 30 seconds.

Two balls on the outside. 2 passes to 1, back to 2, back to 1, who bounce passes to 3 for a layup (1 must stop, not charge coach). 2 rebounds, 3 keeps going, 1 follows his pass to the outlet position.

perfectpractice.net - when he nears mid-court, 1 dribbles hard to the foul line in two dribbles or less, jump stops. 2 inbounds on a make. Use two balls with at least nine players.

As the next group starts, 2 outlets to 1 who passes to 9 (to change sides every second time), the three players get out of the way, come back and change lines.
Fabian McKenzie - 2-player pepper with a runner - fullcourt, two players play pepper while the opposite player sprints for a pass from the opposite outside line, passers sprint to rebound, all groups finish before going back.

See Passing - Pistons 3-man.

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