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1 on 1

Jose Vicente
FIBA Assist, issue 35

Defender X1 passes to attacker 1, who fakes and drives hard to either basket, X1 defends.


- 1 and X1 pass the ball back and forth, whoever has it on the whistle is the attacker
- start from one baseline, attack the other basket.

Canada Basketball
- the ball is rolled to the attacker, who can attack either basket, fakes are allowed
- the lines are further apart (see below), X1 takes two dribbles, 1 cuts toward the ball for a pass and attacks a specified basket, progression - 1 can attack either basket.
Basketball WA - X1 and 1 start on the sideline at halfcourt facing each other, pass back and forth as they move laterally across the court, whoever catches the ball after "go" is on offence, play to a stop or score, keep score (you score on a stop).
Facundo Patracci
- 1 and X1 face each other across the centre circle, 1 starts with the ball, attacks either basket on "go", continue, then team X has the ball
- 1 and X1 are both holding the ball, one player top and bottom, the other player on the sides, fight for the ball on "go", play to a score (go the other way on a miss).

See 1 on 1 - Fullcourt with pass.



1 dribbles from the sideline into the centre circle then attacks either basket, X1 runs into the circle from the other sideline, then defends. Start play on the dribble or coach's signal. Once 1 leaves the centre circle he is committed to the basket on that side, play to a stop or score.

Variation - play to a score at either basket (2 can counter-attack on a stop).


Aaron Blakely - 1 starts on the sideline defended by X1, attacks either basket, X1 reacts to the attack. 2 and X2 go next.

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