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Post play
Pitt Malone

Jamie Dixon

Shooter 5, two balls on the blocks, 3 and 4 put the balls back after each shot. Progressions

- forward pivot on the baseline foot for a shot off two feet (shown)
- forward pivot baseline, shot fake, step through reverse layup on the other side
- back to the basket, forward pivot on the inside foot for a jump hook.

- jump hook counters, e.g. step thru, spin back
- one rebounder
- balls are on chairs (see Billy Donovan workouts)
- spin passes for a solo workout.
Sidelines, May/June 2008

- sprint from under the basket, jump stop, head and shoulder fake middle, baseline drop-step power move
- fake a baseline drop step, drop step the inside foot into the lane, hook shot
- head and shoulder fake middle, pivot on the outside foot, bank shot
- move the balls further up the lane, step-hop move from the high post (drop step to the lane, power dribble, long jump into a jump stop).
Ian MacKinnon - one rebounder,
- baseline drop-step power move
- two-dribble middle jump hook
- up and under counter
- baseline spin counter.
Taylor Allan - solo (spin passes), from the mid-post, drop and hop baseline for a baby bank shot (outside hand), and middle for a jump hook (start with two-foot Mikans, regular and reverse).
Howard Elite Basketball - one rebounder, make 10 shots before going to the next post move, e.g. baseline drop step (power move), middle jump hook (drop and hop), counters - up and under, drop step and spin baseline.

See Power pickups, Florida dunks, Solo workout, also Post move and shots.

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