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4-man weave to 2 on 2

4-man weave upcourt, you follow your pass and cut behind one or two players (all players on that side of the court). The player with the ball at or below the foul line shoots.
Ian MacKinnon - two teams, 1 and 2 are on one team, 3 and 4 on the other, players stay in their lanes (don't weave), 1 passes to 2 who passes to 3 who passes to 4 who takes a layup, 3 and 4 will then defend coming back, 1 and 2 inbound on a make, the defender of the inbounder gets back to ball line on an inbounds pass, in the backcourt the inbounder has to stay behind the ball (no clear-outs), 3 and 4 can trap, and players stay on one side until the frontcourt. See Fast break - Spurs 4-out for another passing sequence upcourt.

The shooter and last passer (here 1 and 2) defend 2-on-2 coming back.

Option - the attackers inbound the ball after a made basket.

Variation - the shooter defends 3-on-1 coming back.
Progression - after the 2-on-2, 2-on-1 going away, 1-on-1 coming back, shooters defend, see Transition - 5-man weave to 1 on 1.

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