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2 passes to either wing and basket cuts, defender 1 jumps to the ball and defends the basket cut then 2 at the mid-post (e.g., by fronting).
Chris Mack - 2 passes and cuts right to the basket, X1 hits the cutter and takes him to about the bottom of the dotted circle, no more than that.
Ben Jacobson - X1 jumps to the ball and takes away a face cut.

On a pass to 3, 1 leaves 2 and closes out, 3 will pass and basket cut. Repeat until 1 has defended three basket cuts, on the fourth pass back to the top it's live one on one, limit of 2-3 dribbles.
Mack - go until coach calls "live", the attacker has two dribbles.
Jacobson - X1 closes out and repeats on a pass to the other side.
(Option - X1 jumps to a gap position on the first pass, closes out on a return pass to 2, who basket cuts on his second pass)

See Defending - 1 on 1 with passers, Dick Bennett jump to the ball

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