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Pasquali 3 on 3 advantage

Renato Pasquali

3 on 3 with a momentary advantage for the attackers.
(Option - start with 2 on 2)

See 1 on 1 - Pasquali corner-wing cuts, Pasquali weakside, Dave Malowski.


While defenders X2 and X4 circle, coach puts out his left or right hand (here his right hand), on-ball defender X3 must touch it with his opposite hand (here left) then recover, 3 reads and makes the most of the advantage. Find the open man in a 3-on-2, players without the ball must move where the ball can see them.
(Variations to create an advantage)
- X3 starts with his back to 3, facing the basket, see below
- put a cone on each side of 3, X3 must touch either cone.
Chris Oliver - 4 on 4 blind, X3 has his back to 3, who attacks when ready (or on "go", a clap, or a catch), only baseline to begin, the help defender calls "rotate". Also attack from a slot, help from the rim not the ballside wing.
See Defence - Help rotations, Defending - 3-man rotation, 4 on 4 circles, 3 on 3 kickout, Jr. NBA - Defence (Back 1 on 1).



Defenders circle the paint, match up when coach passes, attackers should read the defence and take advantage of the situation.
Basketball WA - coach is on the baseline, defenders circle the lane until coach passes, play to a stop or score then go 3-on-3 to the other basket, two attackers run outside lanes (use cones).

See Scrimmage - Pasquali 4 on 4 stunt-recover.

c) Cut and replace

Defenders start in front of the attackers, facing coach, when coach slaps the ball, attackers move to create and maintain an advantage.

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