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Bauer two-ball screening

Jeff Bauer


a) 2 on 0

Work on shooting off cuts and second cuts, ready hands, all the basic screens (down, flare, back).


- 1 passes to the coach in the swing spot, the other coach has a ball
- use players as passers, use flick (one-hand) passes.
Lason Perkins - 1 has a ball at the top of the key, passes to a coach on the wing, screens away for 2 on the other wing, 2 curls the screen to the basket for a pass from the other coach, 1 steps back towards the ball for a return pass and shoots. Do this from all open-post spots on the floor (the screener is on a wing and screens up for the player at the top or down for the player in the corner).

b) 2 on 1

Defender on the cutter. The cutter takes the shot given by X1. If X1 pressures, shot fake and drive against his momentum; if X1 sags, shoot. Quick second cuts by the screener.

Option - 2 basket cuts then backscreens for 1.
See Tactics - Bauer 4 on 2 motion.

c) 2 on 2

Defenders on the cutter and screener. Read the defence, hard cuts and second cuts, quick set-up for shots.

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