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Billy Donovan partner

FIBA Assist Issue 13
a) Shoot and follow
b) Square-up (back and forth)
c) Shots on the move (around the horn)
d) Dribble series (halfcourt moves, shots)
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a) Shoot and follow

1 makes a good crisp pass and follows. 2 catches with knees bent, hands ready, fingers pointed up, catches and shoots in one smooth motion. 2 rebounds his shot and passes to 1 who shoots. Continue alternating until one person makes five shots, rotate to the next spot, repeat for all seven spots.

- follow to contest - 1 passes, runs out with one hand up, yells "shot", he is not trying to block the shot but give the shooter a realistic feel for how much time he has to shoot
- follow to contest, shot fake - 2 makes a good shot fake, drives by body to body, takes one or two dribbles and shoots.

b) Square-up

Shooter 2 moves back and forth between the corner and wing, 1 passes to his outside shoulder, make 7 shots, shoot two free throws, rotate, repeat corner to wing on the other side, and elbow to elbow.
See Shooting - Duke windshield wiper.
Variation - add a second ball and rebounder, rotate passer to shooter, rebounder to passer. Other 3-man 2-ball variations:
- the shooter takes 7 shots from one spot
- 7-spot shooting (15 feet, 3-pointers)
- 5-spot shot-fake dribble pull-ups
- shoot and follow (see above).

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c) Shots on the move

Shooter 2 moves around the perimeter at game speed, 1 passes to his outside shoulder, 2 should square, catch and shoot. Make 7 shots, shoot two free throws, rotate.


- catch and shoot
- catch , shot fake, one or two dribbles in the same direction, shoot
- catch, shot fake, one or two dribbles in the opposite direction, shoot.
Derek Kellogg - NBA shooting - always start with a jump shot in the corner, full sprint around and back, catch in stride and shoot, sprint when the ball goes through the net, 7 shots in total, rotate. Progressions - one dribble in the same direction (total 5 shots), then two dribbles (also 5 shots).

See Shooting - Triano 7-spot workout (around the horn), Duke around the horn, Steve Alford shoot for record, Kevin Sutton 3-man 2-ball.up

d) Dribble series

1 dribbles from halfcourt at game speed, drops his weight down and shoots a pull-up jump shot (15 feet or behind the arc). 2 rebounds and passes to 1 at halfcourt on the other side, repeat. Begin dribbling with the right hand on the right, left hand on the left, use speed dribble, change of pace, inside-out, hard stutter, and inside-out crossover.

When shooting off the dribble, make the last dribble hard and high to help you move directly into your shot.

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