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Billy Tubbs

Billy Tubbs

1 on 1

a) Zig-zag

Have perimeter players go up and back on one side (between the sideline and the elbows), bigs on the other side, switch attackers and defenders coming back.

Attackers make defenders look good. The on-ball defender is close enough to touch the dribbler, puts great pressure on the ball, the back of his wrist or hand on the dribbler's waist, and always head on the ball, turn him, turn him, turn him (usually in the frontcourt too) - don't let him go where he wants to go. Beat him to the sideline, get the foot there, take the charge. Release and run if you get beat.

Progression - speed it up, go live.
See Defending - DeMatha zig-zag.

b) Use an inbounds passer

Don't allow a lob pass to begin.

How quickly you can find your man is key. X1 is in a denial position on 1, seeing ball and man, inside hand on him, send him to the short corner, don't let him catch the ball (sometimes face guard, trying to draw a charge). X5 does the same with 5.

2 on 2 live (a really good game)

X4 is all over inbound passer 4, shading to the middle to make him throw to the short corner.

Off-ball defenders deny one pass away regardless of where the ball is on the floor.

On the inbounds pass, X4 jumps to the ball, staying in the passing lane to 4 (don't jump too far back), in a pistols position. He has to pick up 1 if X1 gets beat. Usually 4 will clear and let 1 go one-on-one.

In a game, X4 has the option to go trap the inbounds pass (not to the long corner), that's why he jumps to the ball. If you don't trap on the inbounds pass they will clear out.

A defender trailing the play can go trap near halfcourt, either side of centre.
See Defences - 2-2-1 Vance Walberg, 40, also Defending - Jack Bennett 2 on 2 gap.

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