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Primary-secondary moves

Ian MacKinnon

Fullcourt layups, dribble with the inside hand (in transition), coaches are passive defenders at each end.
(Variation - alternate inside-hand and outside-hand attacks)

a) Primary moves

Attack coach with an inside-out or hesitation move, make any finish at the basket, be creative (option - to start, finish with a right-hand layup from the right side).

Players get their own rebound and switch lines. Continue, switch sides.
See Fast break - Transition finishing, DeMatha transition shooting (point-guard push), Dribbling - 5star point-guard push.

b) Secondary moves

Coaches move to take away the primary move, the secondary move is between the legs or behind the back (a crossover is risky).
- for other finishes and moves, see Dribbling - 5star triple b, Kevin O'Neill moves, Layups - Villanova
- shots off the dribble, see Shooting - Guard workout
- 1-on-1 - replace coaches with defenders, live 1 on 1, one shot only, rotate attacker to defender at each end, defender off, keep score (or the defender has to make a stop to get out, see 1 on 1 - Both ends).

Dave Smart - when going right on the primary move, a right hander should go behind the back for a secondary move, when going left on the primary move, use between the legs, see Shooting - Dave Smart finishing.

goxavier.com - Fullcourt Pitino - players start in one corner, do each move up and back, a dummy defender is 25 feet from each basket. Begin with three dribbles in place (outside hand), then a hard stutter at the coach's box, the moves are
- inside out, power layup
- inside out, crossover baby hook (layup on the other side of the basket)
- hesitation, stride stop, step through
- through the legs, runner or floater
- Euro step
- speed dribble into a bank shot (pound the last dribble into the floor)
- speed dribble into a 3-point shot.

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