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Triangle elbows


The shooter starts at the top of the key, moves for a 15-17 foot shot at an elbow using a one-two stop (left-right, for a right-hander).

Touch the top of the key after each shot, shoot from the other elbow. Go for two minutes, switch with the rebounder.

This is a very good shooting drill for post players.
Chris Mack - Triangle shooting (YouTube) - go from elbow to elbow, backpedal to the top of the key between shots, footwork is the same on every shot (L-R for a rightie). Go for 2 minutes, try to get off 38 to 40 shots.
See Shooting - Rick Carlisle (Elbow to elbow, it's a spot-up situation), also Nate James.
- elbow-to-elbow square-ups
- one-dribble pull-ups from the top of the key, left-right
- 3s
- triple-threat counters
- step-backs
- stop separation e.g. drag pullbacks, inverted drag (Mutli-stop challenge)
- transition catch and shoot
- hesi pull-ups, cross pulls (Guard workout, Altizer challenge).
Thrive3 footwork - square up with inside-outside or hop footwork.
Jay Wright - one-two step shooting - from the top of the key, step with the inside foot then outside foot.
Jared Berggren - Sprint through shooting (YouTube) - start outside the top of the key in a split stance, spin the ball to an elbow, then explode into a catch and shoot, run through the ball (his footwork is outside-inside-outside).
Augie Johnston - Big-step shooting - shoot elbow to elbow using only three steps, including a 1-2 pivot to square up.

Grinnell 11 - slide from spot to spot, touch halfcourt on a miss.

See Shooting - Elbow to elbow, Tauer on the move.

Rick Carlisle - alternate 3s and pull-ups (R-L-R for a rightie), add side-step 3s and runners.

Thrive3 footwork - split-catch stride-stop pull-ups (1-2 footwork), backpedal between shots.

Jordan series - elbow-to-elbow shooting off the catch then off the dribble, make 4-6 in 30 seconds.

John Calipari (5Star)
- move elbow to elbow, inside pivot, take 50 shots (5 sets of 10)
- elbow to elbow, shot fake, one-dribble middle pull-up (crossover step)
- catch at the top of the key, take one hard dribble to the elbow for a pull-up jump shot, shoot elbow to elbow
- shoot from the top of the key.

Adam Filippi
- elbow to elbow shooting, 1-2 inside pivot (or jump stop), make 4 to 6
- outside the arc, a) catch and go outside for a pull-up jump shot (vary one and two dribbles), b) catch, shot fake, crossover middle for a pull-up
- step-back jump shots
- for a warm-up, start block to block, work out to elbow to elbow.

Jordan Lawley - Russell Westbrook downhill series - start outside the top of the key,
a) as a pass is coming straight out, sprint to meet it, catch and shoot with a wide base (a hop)
b) catch outside the top of the key with one hand, push it across to the other hand with one dribble, attacking into a pull-up.

Coach Rock - Top 7 shooting drills for 2016
a) one-dribble pull-ups from the top of the key, alternate sides
b) transition pull-ups - back up, spin a pass, catch and sweep quickly, attack into a one-dribble pull-up.

Coach Rock - Workout For Point Guards
a) scoring moves - approach the top of the key with a double move, elbow pull-up
b) iso moves, e.g. scissor, crossover, hesi pulls.

Ryan Razooky - 100-shot challenge
- 10 pull-ups right, 10 left
- 10 stepbacks right, 10 left
- 10 speed-stop exchanges right, 10 left
- 10 hesi pulls right, 10 left (turn dribble glide)
- 20 threes.

See Shooting - Procopio wing workout (one-dribble jump shots), Warrior, Backpedal Dipablo.

For triple-threat options see Shooting - FIBA triple threat, Tauer triple threat, 5star pairs spot, Post play - Danny Manning.up

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