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1 on 1
Bobby Lutz roll

Bobby Lutz
Nike Clinic April 2009

Two players on the lane line sprint out when coach rolls a loose ball on the court, whoever gets the ball is on offence, play to a stop or score, the attacker stays on a basket, the defender stays on a stop.

Darrin Horn - a player is on each lane line on the baseline, coach rolls a ball out, the player who picks it up is on offence, two dribbles max. Every loose ball needs to be ours.

Robert Bauer (FIBA Europe) - hustle & dive drill - whoever gets the ball has to face and fake first, keep scoring until the defence gets the ball, each basket counts.
Aaron Blakely - coach bounces a ball on the floor, play until either player scores, all rebounds are offensive rebounds (don't take it out).
Jim Ponchak - 1 and 2 are on the blocks facing each other and doing foot-fire until coach blows a whistle and rolls the ball.
Matt Woodley - 1 on 1 loose ball - every day, develop a culture of being tough on the ball, coach rolls out a ball, calls "go", both players get on the floor, it's a scrum until coach blows a whistle. (Can do this on both sides with two coaches)
See 1 on 1 - Baseline sprint, Numbers, Attack/defend - 2 on 2 roll-outs (players lie on their stomachs).

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