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Denial both sides

Defenders X2 and X3 work to deny passes to attackers 2 and 3, who blast cut, V-cut or L-cut to get open.

Option - 2 and 3 start on the blocks.

2 and 3 can backcut if denied (or on a pass fake from coach), X2 and X3 defend backdoor cuts by

- staying in their deny position,
- snapping their head to deny with the other arm, or
- opening up and staying between the ball and the attacker.


- coach shoots, defenders must box out and rebound
- coach dribble penetrates, defenders help and recover on a pass
- coach has two balls, X2 and X3 must intercept or deflect passes to 2 and 3
- live 2 on 2 on a pass, see Duke two-man contesting wide, Villanova 2 on 2 whack-out.

Bill Pangos - no ball, X2 and X3 deny for one minute.

Lloyd Mitchell (Greenvale) - defenders deny, play 2 on 2 on a pass, the weakside defender jumps to the split-line.

Denial Pistols

Two coaches, one in each guard spot, attackers start on the blocks, when the ball is passed from one coach to the other, ballside attacker 3 cuts back and forth block-wing-block, X3 denies, weakside defender X2 is in pistols stance, defenders deflect any pass, rotate offence-defence-off.
Dave Bollwinkel - deny wing to block and back out on one side, with the other defender in a help position, repeat on the other side on a guard-to-guard pass.

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