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Enfield penetrate-kick spacing

Andy Enfield

Penetrate and kick spacing. You have to practice halfcourt spacing, have some rules so your players know where to go. When the play breaks down, players have to make plays, and have great spacing.

5 on 0, each ballhandler will penetrate, kick, relocate, repeat, on the sixth pass 5 picks and rolls for a bounce pass. When you catch the ball you have to do something with it, drive the ball and relocate.

See Shooting - 4-out 1-in drive and kick.

Enfield likes to have 4 at the three-point line.

If 4 is in the corner, on any middle drive he takes half a step towards the ball then runs behind the defence for a lob pass, and keeps going if there is no pass.

On a baseline drive, fill behind and out top, 5 comes to the middle looking for the front of the rim, and get to the weakside corner then come back up if the penetrator keeps dribbling (2 will be behind his defender's head).

Here 5 ballscreens (on the 6th pass), and will roll for a bounce pass from 2.

Coach can call for a baseline drive.

See Fast break - Enfield 5 on 0.

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