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Bill Pangos

Four balls, 2 and 3 bump the baseline to get open, hands up (greedy receivers), 1 and 4 crab dribble with their outside hand from the jump circle to the swing positions (slots), make one-hand air or bounce passes off the dribble, 2 and 3 catch, inside-foot front pivot (get low, get squared, get balanced), take two-point shots to start, rebound and go up the middle to the opposite passing line, 1 and 4 follow their passes to the shooting lines.

Shot progression
- sweep and go baseline (usually a crossover step), pull-up jump shot
- catch and go middle for a pull-up (run through the ball, don't square up)
- reverse pivot on the inside foot, pull-up
- square up, shot fake, sweep baseline, pull-up.

Go for 3-5 minutes, how many makes.

Variation - V-cut, L-cut or step and seal to get open.

See Shooting - Bobcat, Pitino V-cut, Ten fingers, 5star cutting, Continuous, Layups - Blast cuts.

(Other variations)
- hop-pivot off the inside foot, catch with a jump stop facing the basket (ball in the air, feet in the air)
- outside pivot foot
- permanent pivot foot.
Basic basketball pivoting for shooting (YouTube) - 4 types of square-ups,
- open stance, pivot square (jump stop facing the passer, front pivot on inside foot; demonstrator hops off outside foot into the jump stop)
- open stance, pivot step back (jump stop, reverse pivot on the outside foot)
- open stance pivot square-up (rounded cut, coming off a screen, outside-inside-outside, 1-2 stop)
- pivot hop, very popular in the NBA (off outside foot into a hop stop, squared up).

See Shooting - Mike Procopio wing, Pitt sweep series, Bill Self Perimeter, 5star foul-line flash, Footwork - Jay Wright jab-swing series.up

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