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3 on 2, 2 on 1

3-on-2 fullcourt, play to a stop or score, the shooter (or last attacker to touch the ball) defends a 2-on-1 coming back, the other two attackers stay as defenders.
Steve Nash - his favourite drill, the shooter defends.
Here 1-2-3 attack 4-5, 2 shoots (and scores).
Tom Izzo - 1 has only three dribbles to get from the baseline to halfcourt, he has to push the ball out in front, low, then pass it to a wing and get to the ballside arc, sit and show.

Hoop Tactics - to start play, 1 outlets to 2 and goes opposite, 2 hits 3 breaking into the middle.

Morgan Wootten - defenders 4 and 5 start at midcourt. The lowest-numbered attacker who did not shoot defends the 2-on-1, allowing the shooter to concentrate on the shot.

Bill Pangos - after the 3-on-2, middle player 1 defends coming back.
Fabian McKenzie - attackers get only one shot on the 3-on-2.

Jamie Dixon - only two passes allowed on the 3-on-2, stay as wide as possible, the shooter defends and runs back to the basket, no layup.

4 and 5 attack 2, 1 and 3 stay as defenders, play to a stop or score coming back, three new attackers come on.
Dick Bennett - three new attackers start at halfcourt each time.
Pangos - new defenders 1 and 3 run to centre court and shuffle back.
Hoop Tactics - 1 and 3 must come up to touch the centreline. Use two balls, the second ball starts upcourt when the first ball crosses midcourt on the way back.

Morgan Wootten - remaining players are in two outlet lines, after the two-on-one the defender outlets and fills a lane to stay on attack (need only 7 players minimum).
Barbara Stevens (WCBA) - 1 and 3 go to centre court to become the new tandem defenders. Only one shot on the 2-on-1, 2-4-5 all contest a rebound, whoever gets the ball passes to one of two outlet lines and fills a lane.
Joan Bonvicini (WBCA) - 1 and 3 wait for the next attack at the halfcourt sidelines then must come into the centre circle.


Minimum 10 players. Two teams alternate attacking 3-on-2 and defending 2-on-1. Team O attacks team X in a 3-on-2, play to a stop or score. X1 and X2 attack shooter O3 coming back, O1 and O2 stay to defend the next 3-on-2 attack by team X. Keep score.

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