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Rudez closeouts

Ivan Rudez
FIBA (YouTube)
See YouTube video - Close-out situations.

1) Closeouts


X1 slides from the corner to the lane line, closes out on coach, slides to the sideline, and goes to the back of the line. X2 goes next.

The closeout is not too tight or X1 will foul. The approach step starts about 1.5 to 2 metres away. Close out parallel to the ballhandler, call "ball, ball, ball". Defenders who are not so quick should close out with one hand up and one hand out. Don't slow down after the closeout, speed up, he's going to penetrate.

A closeout on the wing is the green zone, you can take away middle, push to the baseline where help is waiting.

See Defending - Nash triangle slides, Footwork - Triangle.


Two slides, crossover, turn and sprint to the lane line, two more slides, close out to the top of the key, coach takes a dribble left or right, X1 takes it on the chest. Don't open up the hips, it's a lateral explosion.

The middle is the red zone, there is no sideline to help you, is he a shooter or a driver. Closing out to contest, don't foul.

Progression - switch sides and coach is closer, above the foul line.

2) 1 on 1


X1 faces coach with light feet, dancing (option - hot feet), closes out when coach gives a signal (e.g. claps), it's live. Contain penetration when closing out on a quick player (to foul intentionally, reach across with the outside hand).

Progression - coach starts with the ball, tosses it to 1.

Rotate defence-offence-off.


7-second drill - coach counts down from 7 seconds, 1 drives and kicks to 2, X2 helps and recovers, it's live.

4 goes next.

Progression - three seconds to score, and in the bonus.

See 1 on 1 - Coach as passer, Defending - Boone 1 on 1.up

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