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Jump to the ball

Jr. NBA (YouTube)

See YouTube video - Jump to the ball drill, also Jr. NBA - Defence.

Also works on closeouts and layups. 1 passes to coach, closes out and applies ball pressure.

Close out quickly without going out of control, short choppy steps when getting to the ballhandler, don't get too high or it's an easy driving lane.

Coach passes to 2 (or 3), 1 jumps to the ball 6(the elbow area), seeing ball and check, use your pointers (pistols), 2 drives for a layup.
- 2 catches and shoots
- 2 makes a return pass to coach, 1 closes out, then coach passes back to 2 for a layup and 1 jumps to the ball.

1 replaces 2, 4 passes to coach and closes out, coach passes to 3, 4 jumps to the ball, 3 drives for a layup, 4 will replace 3, continue with 5 passing to coach.

See Defending - Nash jump to the ball, Face cuts, 1 on 1 with passers
, also 3 on 1 shell, Woodley closeouts.

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