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Transition build-up

Fullcourt build-up drills for transition defence.

See Defence - Transition basics.

a) 1 on 1

Defender X1 and attacker 1 start in the paint,

- as coach shoots, X1 breaks to a short safety position near the top of the circle
- coach rebounds, 1 cuts to a ballside outlet position and gets an outlet pass.

Play to a stop or score at the far basket.

Progression - X1 can contest the outlet pass.

Option - start at both baskets, use one side of the court going each way.

b) 2 on 2

X1 is a long safety, X2 is short safety (or vice versa), they get back as coach shoots.

Option - players circle coach until he shoots.

Coach rebounds, 1 breaks to get the outlet pass, X2 takes 1, 2 looks for a headman pass, X1 tries to take that away, go fullcourt.

Progression - 1 or 2 can break for the outlet pass.

Option - start at both baskets, use one side of the court each way.

See Pressing - White & black.

b) 3 on 3

Coach chooses the defensive rebounder by tossing the ball after shooting.

Team X is outside the paint, coach shoots, safeties X1 and X2 get back, X3 crashes the offensive board, 1-2-3 box out X3 and get defensive rebounding position.

Option - X1 and X2 start in the corners, see Transition - Disadvantage.

Coach tosses the ball to 1, 2 or 3 (a defensive rebound), X3 matches up with the rebounder, X2 takes an outlet pass, X1 has the remaining attacker (here 2), go fullcourt.

Option - X3 can jam the rebounder, delaying an outlet pass.

See Transition - Swiss 3 on 3 converting.


a) Live on coach's shot, make or miss (if team X offensive rebounds and scores, give the ball back to coach, re-start), play up and back or to a dead ball, variations - coach shoots again on a make, or team O inbounds.

b) 4 on 4 - an offensive rebounder sprints back to release the long safety.

c) 5 on 5 - two rebounders sprint back.

See Transition - Disadvantage, 5 on 0 defensive transition, 5 on 5 defensive transition, Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 5, Circle break, Rebounding - 4 on 4 closeout.up

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