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Mike Procopio wing

Mike Procopio

Creating space on the wing, cutting away from the basket. Right-handed shooter 1 spins out a pass to the left wing and follows to jump stop with his back to the basket (almost posting up his man), feet wide, and ball on his left hip. They teach permanent pivot foot on the wing, so the shooter wants to free up his right foot, but he doesn't just open up, the defender is right there (closely-guarding). Instead, 1 drops a jab step with right foot towards the baseline (not the basket), over the right foot of a defender, don't split him (this is like a Paul Pierce inside-foot reverse pivot move). Options and shooting progression after the jab step are

a) drive left (the defender drops steps too and opens up)
b) reverse pivot on the left foot to square up, shoot
c) reverse pivot, swing middle for a one-dribble pull-up (shown), his footwork is R-L-R (just swing it through, don't bring it back)
d) reverse pivot to show middle, crossover left for a one-dribble pull-up, his crossover footwork is R-L.

Optionally use coach as a defender. With a passer, cut up from the block, catch with your back to the basket.
See YouTube videos - Controlling pesky defenders, Attacking off the catch (reverse pivot without a jab step).

Repeat the series from the left wing, now drop the right-foot jab step over the defender towards the middle, the shooting progression is

a) reverse pivot to square up, shoot
b) reverse pivot, swing baseline for a pull-up
c) reverse pivot to show baseline, crossover middle for a pull-up.

If the defender is leaning (forcing baseline), there is the option to forward pivot on the left foot and attack baseline.
The same footwork can be used by a big catching the ball at the high post (foul line) with his back to the basket (also see Post play - Ganon Baker big fella moves, Pete Newell post moves).
See Shooting - Mike Procopio triple-threat, and 5star foul-line flash for other footwork options.
Adam Filippi - start under the basket, spin a ball out to each wing, catch with a jump stop, back to the basket,
- swing it through with a reverse pivot on the inside foot, crossover with two dribbles for a baseline pull-up jump shot,
- repeat using a reverse pivot on the outside foot, crossover middle
- front pivot on the inside foot, shot fake, crossover baseline with two dribbles, jump shot
- repeat with a front pivot on the outside foot, shot fake, crossover middle
- variations - spin a ball out to the elbows; step-back jump shots.
Augie Johnston - reverse-pivot finishing - spin a pass to the wing, catch with a jump stop, back to the basket, reverse pivot on the outside foot,
- sweep baseline, on the second dribble spin middle and finish
- sweep and jab baseline, crossover middle, spin move on the second dribble.
Thomas Soltau - Shooter workout (YouTube) - inside-pivot shooting - step out on the outside foot into a half turn (ball on outside hip), look over the inside shoulder, rise up into the shot (reverse pivot to square up). Sometimes when you come off a screen and the defence is chasing, you may not be sure if you can just turn and shoot, this is a great option to ensure that you don't expose the ball. Also use an inside-pivot half turn in the post, see Inside-pivot half turn (YouTube), also Post play - Solo workout.

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