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Calipari perfection

John Calipari

Five-part timed peer pressure, they put 5-6 minutes on the clock, every player has to get through it once, go again on an error. If the team doesn't make the time they start over.

a) Fullcourt layups
b) 2 on 0
c) Michigan
d) Weave, 4 passes with layup.
e) Weave, 3 passes with jump shot.

a) Fullcourt layups

3 balls. Each player takes a right-hand layup up and back and must make two in a row. If you miss or fumble at the far end, return to the near basket, circle without shooting and go back. Repeat with fullcourt left-hand layups. Limit of 4 dribbles, optionally 5 with the left hand.

b) 2 on 0

Partner passing up and back for layups. If 1 and 2 miss the first layup or fumble they peel off outside, come back to the top of the key and go again.

Don't take the ball out of bounds. The next pair goes when the first pair crosses the foul line coming back.
c) Passing - Calipari Michigan
d) and e) - Passing - Calipari 3-man weave.
Also see Layups - Paul Hewitt perfection.
Fabian McKenzie - Perfection 6

Less than 4 mistakes in 5 minutes,
- fullcourt layups (right-hand speed dribble up and back, then left-hand)
- rebound-outlet (2 on 0 from one end, switch roles coming back, right-hand layups then switch)
- 2-player pepper (2 on 0 fullcourt passing, one way, all groups finish before going back)
- 2-player pepper with a runner (one way)
- 3-player weave (one way)
- 3-player weave to a jumper (whoever has the ball at the foul line, the other players rebound and can't let the ball hit the floor, one way).

See Fast break - Outlet and go, Tar Heels 3 on 0.

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