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Calipari one-ball

John Calipari

a) Pitch

Start outside the slot (the "X"), pass to coach, run towards the other slot then downhill as he passes it back, you can take a layup, a one-dribble pull-up (inside the foul line), or shoot (or coach can call out this progression). Sometimes catch and hesitate, other times catch and go. The first two steps are big, you're not stuttering. Use dedicated rebounders, or the shooter rebounds.

Shoot with the same elevation on every shot (jump), keep the head still, hold your follow-through the same way every time. If you shoot an air-ball who cares, it has no bearing unless it affects your next shot.

Work both sides.

b) From the corner

Come out to the X (foul-line extended) then run downhill (or run downhill on the pass, if it is earlier), take a layup (no hesitation), one-dribble pull-up (middle), or a 3-point shot. Be ready to stop (hesitate) to see how they are playing you.

If you miss 2-3 shots in a row, take a layup.

See Shooting - Calipari two-ball.
Mike Neighbors - stay-positive shooting - break down your offence, use with individual shooters, from each spot take a game-speed layup or mid-range jumper and a 3-point shot, score +1 if the shooter makes both shots, 0 for one made shot, -1 for two misses, play to +5 or -5.
(For a dribble-drive workout, each spot is a kickup or kickback, work both sides)

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