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Two teams, one at each end, three balls each, 4 shooting spots, with players at each spot. Each player shoots, rebounds, passes to another line, and follows the pass. How many made shots in 3 minutes?

Jay Triano - game-day shoot-around, one basket, two balls, four lines, shoot, rebound, pass to any line, follow your pass, make 40 in two minutes. Be in a stance, hands up, shot ready, you don't know when the ball is going to come to you.
(Variation - 4 lines with 4 balls)

Bill Self - 5-spot shooting (at one basket) - five players shoot from five different spots around the arc, get their rebound, pass to the next player in line, continue, then players rotate one spot to the right.

basketball-plays-and-tips.com - three-line shooting - used as a warm-up, one line at the top and on each wing, the first player in each line shoots, rebounds, passes to the next player in the same line, and moves to the end of the line to their right.
Kansas Women - 3-spot shooting - three lines, one at each elbow and on the foul line, each line has a ball, players shoot, rebound, pass to the same line, and move clockwise to the next line.
Coach Mac - titan shooting - 3 lines, one ball per line, players shoot, rebound, pass to the same line, run to another designated line, first touching halfcourt, the far foul line, or the far baseline, or just going directly to the next line.

See Shooting - Sevens, Geneva Devils, Circle, Bulldog, Pitt 5-man 2-ball, Machine-gun, 3-line putback.

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