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Fast break
Florida five cycles

Billy Donovan

Make 5 layups on 5 trips in 35 seconds, everyone shoots.

To start play, coach scores while five players are jogging in a circle.

Paul Hewitt - putback any miss.

Bob Hurley - coach throws the ball to start, rebound and outlet to 1, score on every trip (putback any miss), the first big inbounds to 1, make 3 out of 5 shots in 35 seconds (try for 4 makes, two shots are layups).

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4 takes the ball out of the net, clears the backboard and inbounds to 1 with his back to the sideline. 2 runs wide right, 3 runs wide left, 5 runs to the centre of the rim for a post-up.

1 passes to 2 for a layup. The ball can't hit the floor after a score. If 4 is not yet in position, 5 will take the ball out of the net and hand it to 4.

Bob Hurley - 1 takes a foul-line jump shot.

Coming back, 1 passes cross-court to 3 for the layup.

Bob Hurley - in two trips, wings 2 and 3 have to take a jump shot and layup, in either order.

On the next trip, 1 headmans to 2 who passes into 5 posting up.

Paul Hewitt - 1 headmans to 5.

Then 4 sets a wide pin-down screen for 3, and rolls to the basket for a pass.

Paul Hewitt - 1 passes to 4 for a trail 3-point shot.

Bob Hurley - 1 leads the first big who finishes strong with a driving layup.

On the last trip, 4 sets a ballscreen for 1 in the middle of the floor (4 picks and pops, 5 stays, if X5 helps on 1, look for a high-low pass to 5).

Paul Hewitt - 1 drives the elbow for a shot.

Bob Hurley - the other big is the trailer on the last trip, throw back to him for a jump shot (1 headmans to a wing).

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