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Oakland Knight

Greg Kampe

Each pair is a team. X3 rolls or bounces a ball out to 3 and closes out, X4 closes out on 4. 3 waits for the closeout then shoots, that's when the drill begins, on a make or miss, all four players rebound, defensive rebounders should get a forearm into the chest, turn, find the ball, and get it (don't sprint to the rim then find the ball, it will go over your head).

If a team gets a defensive rebound (at any time), they must make a pass before shooting; if you get an offensive rebound you don't have to make a pass.

The team that scores wins and goes out top, losers go to the baseline. Re-start with new teams.

See Rebounding - Michigan State 2 on 2, 2 on 2 blockout.up

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