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Duke 3-man penetrate and kick

Coach K

Three players with one ball, other players on the sideline. The ballhandler will dribble penetrate the lane, jump stop, pass, then space outside the arc. The other two players space on penetration (e.g.., fill behind) and call for the ball. Every three passes a shot is taken, then replace one player. Play until 5 combined makes.

beaballer.ca - play until one player makes three shots.

letitflydevelopment.com - the other two players get passes from behind the baseline and also shoot.

Aaron Blakely - 1-2-3 start from halfcourt, if the point guard can beat his man, 2 and 3 flatten to the baseline. Square up and shot fake (or jab step) when you get the ball. On a baseline drive, fill behind and baseline drift, exit cut up the middle on a baseline drift pass (otherwise exit cut baseline). Reverse pivot to pass to a player filling behind.
goxavier.com - 3 on 0, start on the perimeter, there must be two drive-and-kicks before a shot, change shooters each time, first player to 5 makes wins.

Aaron Blakely - on a middle drive by 2, 1 and 3 widen the drive (3 gets to 60 degrees), 2 exit cuts baseline. Coach has two balls behind the baseline, all players shoot.

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