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clear.gifFundamentals - Dribbling Series


One ball

  • Basic
    • pound dribble (both sides)
      • waist-shoulder-knee-ankle high
    • pound crossover
      • tap crossover
    • continuous crossovers
      • small, big
    • pound inside-out
    • v-dribble, front and side
      • small, big
      • alternating front and side
    • one-hand mini-circles in front
    • line pounds - N-S, E-W
    • dribble jabs (inside foot)
      • side jab
      • front jab
    • pound between the legs, pound and back under the same leg (double-take)
  • Intermediate
    • tap-dribble figure-8 (front-back, back-front)
    • continuous inside-out
    • pound push-through (one-leg dribble-wrap, front to back between to the same hand)
    • two-dribble figure-8 - front to back, then back to front
    • pound between (feet stationary), behind
    • continuous double-takes (back and forth under one leg)
    • inside-out cross, inside-out between, inside-out behind
    • front v-dribble to crossover, progression - between, behind
    • v-dribble (or pound) into a double move,
      • double cross, take, between, behind
      • between cross (UTEP two-step), between behind
      • any double move, e.g. cross behind (see Hanlen)
    • 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 - pound pound, v-dribble front front side side, inside-out inside-out, cross and switch hands (Rocky Ullah)
    • Nash dribble jab (inside foot), dribble-jab cross
    • switch-hand move (cross, jab opposite), switch-hand cross (or between)
  • Advanced (continuous)
    • between (front to back, jump stop)
    • between cross, between behind
    • spider, double-tap crossovers,  behind cross
    • push-throughs
    • double-move combos
      • double cross double-take
      • double cross double behind
      • double between double behind
    • scissors
      • inside-out, outside-in
    • behind the back
    • inside-out (or pound) cross between behind
      • Hanlen - every third move, shift away from the ball (shuffle)
    • between cross behind (Jr. NBA)
    • between double cross, between double behind (Hanlen)
    • cross cross between, between cross between
    • cross cross between between behind behind (KP)
    • between between (scissors) behind (Calipari)
    • behind the back shifts - pound, behind the back, shuffle opposite


Two balls

  • Basic
    • pound, pistons
      • shoulder high, knee high, tap dribble
    • high-low (one ball high, one low, switch)
    • one-hand dribbling, both balls
  • Intermediate
    • front v-dribble (same-time, opposing)
    • side v-dribble (same time, opposing)
    • pound cross (one ball stays in front, or circle then change direction)
    • pound between (cross the other ball), alternate legs
    • traps - pound dribble high then low, repeat
    • circle one leg (pound the other ball)
      • alternate legs
    • alternating inside-out
  • Advanced
    • figure-8 (the balls follow each other)
    • continuous cross, between to the right, between to the left, behind (Watson)
    • continuous between, alternate legs
      • hesitate (stand up)
    • half spider
    • pound push-through (pound the other ball)
      • Steph Curry - push-thru double behind
    • alternating push-throughs (dribble-wrap) - front to back, back to front (both balls)
    • juggles (change direction)
    • pound between cross, or pound between pound cross (one leg then switch, one ball stays in front)
      • pound between behind
    • continuous between and behind


Up and back

One ball (switch hands as needed), fullcourt or cross-court.

  • Basic
    • right hand, left hand
    • alternating-hand speed dribble
    • (pound) crossover, between, behind, inside-out
    • hesitation - stutter, fast slow fast (option - slow and skip)
    • pullback, pullback cross
    • figure-8 (pretzel) walking - forward, backward
    • skip dribbles - strong hand, weak hand
  • Intermediate
    • v-dribble - front, side
    • footwork series - (continuous) cross, between, between cross, between behind
    • wrap series - (pound) wrap, between wrap, inside-out wrap
    • inside-out series - (continuous) inside-out cross, inside-out between, inside-out behind (wrap)
    • hesi (skip), hesi cross
    • Nash dribble-jab, switch-hand move
    • skip dribbles - crossover, between the legs, then behind the back (Ullah)
      • skip backwards on the way back
  • Advanced
    • (continuous) cross hesi (shuffle), between (jump stop, change direction), behind hesi, inside-out hesi cross
    • triple moves - (continuous) cross between behind, between cross cross, between between behind (or cross), cross cross between
    • inside-out series - (pound) double inside-out cross, double inside-out between, double inside-out behind (wrap)
    • wrap series - (continuous) inside-out between wrap, between behind wrap, cross between behind wrap
    • spin series - pound pound spin, pound inside-out spin, pound cross spin, pound between spin
      • pound between cross spin, pound between between spin, pound between behind spin
    • Nash dribble-jab cross, switch-hand cross
    • Pistol Pete's - one hand, walking, dribble under the outside leg, over the other leg, switch hands

Two balls

  • pound, pistons
  • forward, backward, lateral slides
  • two back-up dribbles at the foul line, halfcourt, other foul line
  • pound cross
    • pound cross cross, pound cross cross cross
  • zig-zag - change direction (balls do not change hands), crossover, behind the back, between the legs
  • backwards zig-zag - use defensive slides



Use zig-zag cones or a line of cones to work on secondary moves (changes of direction). A cone line can also be used for primary moves (inside-out, hesitation), behind-the-back wraps, and weaving. Cones can be tight or loose.

Attack the basket

Ball in the outside hand to start, progress to inside hand, adjust finishes, attack from the top, and progress to shots, e.g. freeze pull-ups, crossover jumpers, stepbacks, drag pullbacks.

  • primary moves
    • hesitation, inside-out
    • finishes - regular layup, power, reverse, Euro-step, pro hop (slice, slide), early (one-hand pickup), inside-hand, pass fake, around the back, goofy-foot
    • freeze pull-ups
  • secondary moves
    • cross, between, behind, spin
    • primary-secondary, e.g.
      • inside-out cross, inside-out wrap
      • hesi cross, hesi between
      • cross hesi, between hesi
    • finishes - baby hook, tight scoop, half reverse, floater, runner, spin pullback
    • crossover pull-ups
  • scissor series
    • between, between cross, hesi between, hesi between cross
      • hesi between inside-out
      • between wrap, between cross wrap, between cross cross
    • between hesi, between hesi cross
    • between and back under
      • between and under, cross
    • finishes - at the rim, or mid-range shots
  • other double (or triple) moves, e.g.
    • cross cross (Kevin Durant)
    • behind behind (Nash, Jamal Crawford)
    • behind, spin (Rocky Ullah)
    • cross spin, between spin (Tony Parker finish)
  • jab series
    • Nash dribble jab
      • dribble-jab cross
    • cross jab (drop cross, switch-hand move) - crossover, jab back the other way
      • cross jab cross (or between)
    • jab cross (dribble-foot jab, cross), jab between


2007-18 Eric Johannsen