Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Post play

Start to the right of the basket, shoot with the right hand, rebound, go to the left of the basket, shoot with the left hand, rebound, go back to the right, continue. How many baskets in 30 seconds or 1 minute (goal is 40 in one minute)? For quick swish shooting, aim high on the backboard.


- hook shots
- power layups
- shot fake, power layup
- weak-hand finishing only (Dave Smart)
- use two balls, only one is used for shooting, the other transfers from hand to hand.

Reverse Mikans

Start on the right side of the basket but back to the baseline, shoot with the left hand off the right foot, rebound, move to the other side to shoot with the right hand off the left foot.
John Calipari - 30 seconds, keep the ball up, then reverse Mikans.
Breakthrough Basketball - Kyrie Irving Mikan Drill - 12 variations
a) facing the basket
- inside foot, outside hand
- inside foot, inside hand
- outside foot, outside hand (goofy foot)
- outside foot, inside hand (half reverse)
b) reverse
- inside foot, outside hand
- inside foot, inside hand
- outside foot, outside hand
- outside foot, inside hand
c) off two feet
- facing - outside hand
- facing - inside hand
- reverse - outside hand
- reverse - inside hand.
Also see videos
- 5-minute routine (regular, reverse, power Mikans)
- Mikan drill (regular, reverse, two balls).
Thomas Soltau - How to protect layups - to protect the ball, use a closed stance to your defender, elbow out, go up with both hands, extend the non-shooting hand out to hold off any hand trying to block the shot.

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