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5 on 0 defensive transition

Ian MacKinnon

5 on 0 defensive transition using a coach at each basket, and coaches or players at the outlet spots.

Players circle coach at one end, coach shoots off the backboard, calls "shot", self-rebounds, outlets to either side, the ball is head-manned up the sideline, players run their defensive transition system, e.g., safeties get back on the shot, jam the rebounder with the closest defender, deny the outlet pass, cover the first post and ballside sideline.

(Variation - to begin, without shooting the ball, coach just calls "shot" then "rebound" then makes an outlet pass, check defenders at each step)

See Transition - Nash cup in the lane, Disadvantage, Nash 3 on 3 circle rebounding, Defending - 5 on 0 transition.

Get back to ball level.
Marg Jones - outlet, headman, skip pass to the other side (here 3 would take it), pass to the corner (5 would take it).up

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